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Advice about upcoming elections

Hello Resident


Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators - local and general elections


As you will know, there are several elections coming up this May, and it is possible that a general election could be called later this year.


We thought it would be timely to give you some advice about how to use some of this activity to your advantage, without compromising the politically neutral position that must be maintained by Neighbourhood Watch.


We are, as you are aware, a non-political organisation run by local people. Some of our volunteers have been past councillors, are current councillors or are indeed running as new candidates to become a local councillor, some may also be prospective parliamentary candidates too.


Neighbourhood Watch supports our members’ passion for their community, but we would like to share some guidance for those who are active Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and members and who are also standing for election, as it is important that the organisation is not used as a platform for promoting political parties.

If you are standing as a candidate:

·        When using a Neighbourhood Watch based social media account or communication method (email, Neighbourhood Watch member platform etc), please do not promote that you are standing for election or for which political party and do not make remarks about others and their parties who are standing for election.


·        It is fine to tell local people that you are an active Neighbourhood Watch volunteer or member in your community, in the same way that you would tell them about the other activities, interests or roles. This should only be undertaken through non-Neighbourhood Watch channels

General advice:

·        Please do not politicise Neighbourhood Watch in any way. However, if candidates make an approach, you should feel comfortable in letting them know how your activity as a coordinator has made a difference in your community. You can also let them know what they could do to support the work of Neighbourhood Watch should they be elected.

  • We will be producing a central Neighbourhood Watch Manifesto or set of pledges of what we would like from any and all elected MP’s to support the work of Neighbourhood Watch for use in the upcoming general election

  • We understand the desire of our members to be active in our communities, promoting solutions and building networks to help strengthen our resilience, enable the health and well-being of our residents, and support our neighbours to reduce opportunities and the fear of crime.  We have done this for the past 40 years as part of being members of Neighbourhood Watch and we will continue to do this in our community.


    If you have any questions, please contact our Central Support Team at enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk.


    Best wishes


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